It was more than nearly 30 years ago in October of 1994 when my wife Karen and I began dating. At the time I had no idea of all the trauma in her life that had taken place. A loss of a 25 year marriage due to infidelity on her husbands part, a 14 year old daughter Julie’s battle with leukemia which resulted in death, some 9 over the top catastrophic occurrences over a three year period that would have put most women in a state of deep depression or suicide. But God… In September of 1996 we were married and that begins our Sami’s journey. Having endured those trial and tribulations Karen began to have serious digestive issues due in part to the stress that finally had begun to catch up with her. After meeting with a local natural -path doctor it was determined she had both dairy and gluten sensitivities. Thank goodness it was not a celiac issue. Now to find foods that would meet her digestive needs. I remember the times we would head to the grocery store either separately or together and she would actually have tears streaming down her eyes trying so hard to find items that were dairy and gluten free on the shelves, Particular to her need was bakery products i.e. bread, dinner rolls, crouton’s, etc. We scoured every big box store in the area of Grand Rapids and Holland, Michigan two former home towns, to discover not one of them had any shelf item’s that actually met that criteria. It was not to far down the road someone Karen had conversed with highly suggested the Sami’s product line that a local health food chain, Harvest Health stocked on a regular basis. Having high hopes but low expectations due to possible ingredient issues, we took a road trip to the one nearest our home in Hudsonville, MI. Finding the product of course we investigated all the labeled ingredients and we over joyed to find that this may just be the ticket. We took a loaf of the millet and flax sour dough and cinnamon bread, along with the millet and flax dinner rolls home for a test run. What a blessing! We have been faithful customers ever since. Although we have moved to Branson, Missouri and have no local source, we are thankful that these products can be shipped directly to our ministry. Where ever we go and discover those with similar dietary issues we highly suggest to them the Sami’s line. What a God send!