“Breaking Bread with Friends”

My bread of choice is the Millet & Flax Lavash sharing with friends at our table. One year ago I decided to get together with like minded women at least once a month. We decided every three weeks works. We have shared skills such as gardening, sprouting seeds & beans, cooking, canning and valuable health tips. Then we “break bread” sitting around the table. There are seven of us. The youngest is 27 and the oldest, myself, 68, a couple of 60 years old and 3 in their 50’s. One of the things we have in common is the love for learning. Another is preparing and eating healthy foods. So as we share our recipes and enjoy yummy food we have laughed, cried and prayed at the table. Our youngest gal brings her two children. Her youngest was only a few months old when we started. Now Mama sits in a play pen with little girl while we conduct our meeting. Just so cute! She entertains us at the table with stories. Her son, 6, was chatting with her at a park. Mama was instructing him on how to speak kindly to folks. He practiced by saying to her, “I think the hair on your legs is so pretty!” She shared another story about her husband doesn’t comment on how she dresses. So she went to a thrift shop and bought a pair of really tight skinny jeans w/ a very low ride(get the picture?).She modeled for hubby and he said, Honey your body is beautiful and don’t you think it is a good idea to share it only with me?” What a gracious way to comment. One time we had a grandma burst into tears over the situations her grand daughter is experiencing in school. We prayed for her right then.

The conversations around the table always involves food. The Lavash has been a big hit. I like to warm it up and eat or make crackers. I place it in the toaster oven at 350 degrees for a few minutes each side until golden. The aroma is just like fresh baked bread. These are great with tuna or chicken salad or with dips. Two ladies in the group now order Lavash with me because they enjoy them so much.

Our meeting and “breaking bread” has been special for all of us. Three hours every three weeks. Now celebrating our second year together. A lot more things and skills to learn too!